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Positioning monitoring system for railway freight car

Product function:

To solve the precise positioning of the freight car, realize the intelligent management of railway freight, and ensure that customers can track their goods information in real time,Ticom combines special sensor technology to monitor various information such as truck environment condition (temperature, humidity, altitude), freight car (speed, heavy load, no load, axle temperature), etc.

Product features:

Accurate positioning of wagons to realize intelligent management of freight cars and logistics.            Integrity monitoring of freight cars;

Providing a complete and timely road map of freight car and cargo tracking information

The positioning error is not more than 10 meters.

Monitoring the state of axle temperature, mileage, load and so on, and providing alarm information in time.

Vehicle monitoring interface: the general situation of all freight cars, freight car analysis, freight service information, alarm (wheel skidding, overloading, high shaft temperature)



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