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Key project -- Harbin-Qiqihar high-speed railway


The newly built Harbin-Qiqihar high-speed railway is the high-speed railway with the highest latitude of northern latitudes in China, with a full length of 280.893km.

The full line GSM-R wireless communication system adopts the BSCe3/GSM9000 type digital mobile communication base station subsystem equipment provided by Ticom Tech and KAPSCH, including 58 sets of online equipment GSM9000 base station, 1 set of BSCe3 base station controller, 1 set of TCUe code speed converter, 1 set of PCUSN packet control unit, and 1 set of OMC-R network management system.The whole line GSM-R digital mobile communication base station subsystem equipment had been officially put into use in August 2015. So far, the equipment has been running stably and reliably, the field strength has been well covered, and the network management system has run normally. All the functional indexes completely meet the relevant requirements of the former Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Information Technology, thus ensuring the safe and efficient operation of Harbin-Qiqihar high-speed railway. 


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