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Ticom assists Hainan West Ring high- speed railway

2015-12-01 00:00:00

Hainan West Ring high- speed railway, the first high-speed railway around the island in the world, is officially put into operation for trail on November 30th after more than 2 years of construction. It goes along the west coast of Hainan Island, crosses Chengmai, Lingao, Danzhou, Changjiang, Dongfang, Ledong, and respectively forms a closed loop with East Ring Railway in  the existing Haikou station and Sanya station, thus forming the first high-speed railway around the island in the world.

In the construction task with a significance of milestone , Nanjing Ticom Tech has provided the GSM-R subsystem for the Hainan west Ring railway, thus providing a strong guarantee for high-speed railway communication.

Hainan west Ring railway stared construction in September 2013 and initiated joint debugging in October 2015. In order to complete the construction, our engineers worked very hard to provide excellent service. In August this year, they worked with great pressure and never gave up under hot conditions in summer. They have experienced the baptism of nature such as high temperature, typhoon and rainstorm.They've got a good skill in climbing a tower, crossing a tunnel, and so on.They debugged inside the station and completed the debugging work of all the base stations, thus getting the high recognition of customers and passing the acceptance check successfully.

Picture: Ticom Tech engineers are debugging in machine room

Our devoted youth, like a drop of sweat, continues to spread on the construction clause of China's high speed railway.

Walking among the grass-roots, and work hard for all people;

If you ask who they are, they are Ticom people!


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