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Congratulations on the first five workers' congress & 2017 working conference successfully held

2017-03-25 00:00:00

From March 24th to 25th , Nanjing Ticom Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Ticom Tech") held the first five workers' congress & 2017 working conference. The Ticom management staff, more than 50 staff representatives and delegates attended the meeting.

2017 work report

At the beginning of the conference, Ji Rongxin, the chairman of the company, made a 2017 annual new work report entitled "new rules, new ideas, new starting points and new Ticom".He put forward a general idea, five main goals and ten key tasks. The report made a conclusion on the main achievements made in 2016 from the four aspects of business development, research and innovation, management enhancement, and Ticom family, gave direction for 2017 from 5 aspects of business goals, objectives, development objectives, construction objectives, management objectives, and made careful deployment of 2017 key work from the aspects of system construction, strategic planning, budget management , etc, thus providing reference for the actual implementation. The report is comprehensive, the data is detailed, and the representative participants are encouraged!

Subsequently, Yang Qiuming, president of the worker union made a report entitled "Play the role  the workers' Congress to promote the transformation development”, which made a conclusion on the main achievements made by the first workers' Congress in 2016 from the three aspects of democratic management, caring for employees and cultural construction, and made plans for the task in 2017 from the aspects of carrying out competition, deepening democratic management, strengthening staff training, promoting the publicity, and strengthening cultural construction.

On-site group discussion

Suggestions of representatives

During the meeting, representative participants actively carried out the responsibility mission, and had a group discussion on the above work report and the related review documents. Eight resolutions were passed through the democratic vote of the delegates.

Democratic review

The conference has special arrangements for the work evaluation report and the signing of target responsibility. The 360 degree assessment report is carried out through secret ballot. The Democratic review further highlights the charm of management.

The meeting of the workers' Congress is of great significance. Delegates are actively participating in the conference with their masters' attitude.They are concerned about the development of enterprises, and have proposed many insights with positive energy. Representatives play the role of exemplary vanguard, and make clear their mission and responsibility.The year 2017 is an important turning point for the development of the company.We still have a long way to goal of becoming the world`s first-class supplier of rail transit communication and Internet of things system (equipment) by 2020. 

Finally, the conference successfully came to an end in the passionate song "Song of Ticom".


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